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General Questions

  • How can I sign up for CovaU Mobile?+-

  • What is CovaU Mobile's network and coverage like? +-

  • What mobile handsets can I use with CovaU mobile SIM cards? +-

  • What size of SIM cards available? +-

  • How can I replace a SIM card? +-

  • Any charges for SIM cards replacement? +-

  • What is Authorised Account Holder? +-

  • How can I prevent unauthorized access to my mobile services from the third party? +-

Plan and Usages

  • What is Tech Fund?+-

  • When can I use the Tech Fund? +-

  • What is the postage & handling fee when I use the Tech Fund for buying devices?+-

  • Can the postage & handling fee be deducted from the Tech Fund? +-

  • What happen if the plan data allowance ran out?+-

  • Can I use the CovaU Mobile service with my current mobile number? +-

  • How can I manage my data usage?+-

  • What equipment compatibility require for CovaU Mobile plans?+-

Billing and Payment

  • When will my billing start? +-

  • When will I receive my bill? +-

  • How will I receive my bill?+-

  • How can I pay my bill? +-

  • How can I update my payment details?+-

  • What do ‘Other Charges’ on my bill mean?+-

  • I am not sure how to understand my bills. What should I do?+-

  • How will the payment appear on my bank statement?+-

  • What is Dishonour Fee?+-

  • How do I avoid Dishonour Fee?+-

  • What is Late Payment Fee?+-

  • What if I found my bill is higher than expected?+-

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